Top Tips for Living Green

Living green means actively living your life conscious of the effect you’re having on the planet and purposefully trying to reduce your negative impacts. By taking small steps and following some of our tips for living greener, you’ll be on your way to doing so:

In Your Yard – Preserving a diverse amount of greenery in your yard helps you maintain a toxic-free environment and can enhance your quality of life.1

In Your Office – It is easy to go through 10 or even 100 of pieces of paper on some days. Try to cut down on the amount of paper you use and remember to recycle that which you do.

In Your Home – Not only can you greenify inside your home, but you can make you actual home green. Organic architecture is based on the idea that the design of a building should be in harmony with its surrounding environment.

If you’re interested in making your next home a green home, or in remodeling your current house, check out Alex Riley Associates for more information, and you can contact them with additional questions or to start planning today!



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